MA in Religions, Society and Education (Christian Education)

Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick

The St Mary’s Centre supports and commends the University of Warwick’s innovative MA programme, which is specially designed for practitioners working in contexts concerned with Christian education.

The part-time programme is for:
  • Clergy and church leaders
  • Teachers and school managers
  • Chaplains and counsellors
  • Christian professionals and volunteers
The programme invites you to:
  • Join a Christian learning community
  • Explore your own situations
  • Shape your own questions
  • Learn alongside others

Commenting on the programme, The Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, says:
    This programme encourages lay and ordained Christians from many denominations to investigate the contexts of         their places of ministry, to apply the best academic resources to that study, and to become better vicars, school         teachers, readers and bishops.

MA advertsing leaflet

Further information
For further information about the MA Religions, Society and Education (Christian Education) and to apply, visit the programme page on the University of Warwick’s website.