The St Mary’s Centre is a Christian research institute working in the fields of religion and education. The Centre collaborates with the University of Warwick, Bishop Grosseteste University, and Queen's College, St Johns, Newfoundland.

Core to the work of the Centre is the development and promotion of research that may directly inform practice in church-related and school-related contexts. Currently, we are engaged in research areas that include:

  • Prayer and sacred space
  • Christian discipleship
  • Rural church and rural theology
  • Religious experience
  • Living with religious diversity
  • Distinctiveness and effectiveness of Church schools
  • Clergy work-related pyschological health
  • Christian faith and pyschological type
We relate our research to practice through creating, supporting, and/or offering:
  • Curriculum resources for schools
  • Resources for churches
  • Workshops, symposia and public presentations for practitioners
  • Programmes developing research-based reflective practice
  • Consultancy
Free On-line Journal for A-Level Students and Teachers 

Explore Issue 14, Autumn 2018.

Randalph's Spiritual Quest and Search for Meaning Series
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