Type and Faith Network

The St Mary’s Centre coordinates the Network for Psychological Type and Christian Faith. Professor Leslie J Francis serves as co-convenor with Ms Ruth Pickles, and the Revd Dr Tania ap Sion as Secretary.

The Network was established in 2000 as a forum for those employing psychological Type theory in a variety of ways within the Christian churches, including MBTI practitioners, academics, and trainers.

The aims of the Network include:

  • developing and enhancing professional practice
  • discussing and critiquing theory in the field
  • enabling and promoting relevant research

Since its inception, the Network has arranged an annual conference designed to include:

  • keynote invited addresses
  • practice-led workshops
  • seminars on research and theory

Details of this year's conference 2019


Further information and a booking form available here shortly.

For further information, contact Revd Dr Tania ap Sin.