Religion and Human Rights Survey

The St Mary’s Centre is collaborating with Professor Hans-Georg Ziebertz from Germany in an international study designed to explore the relationship between attitudes toward religion and toward human rights among year 11 and post-16-year-old students.

The Welsh arm of this study was launched during the autumn term 2014 and has generated a series of publications since. The findings presented in these publications cover a wide range of significant topics such as:  
  • The relationship between an individual's religiosity and their opinions on human rights issues;
  • The often overlooked effect of cultural context on the relationship between religion and human rights beliefs;
  • The effect of an individual's personality on their belief's about human rights;
  • The association between religious saliency and openness toward political rights;
  • The acceptance of freedom of religious clothing and symbols in schools;
  • The effect of an individual's religious beliefs and their opinions regarding euthanasia.

There have been many significant findings from this project, such as:

  • Cultural context has a recognisable effect on an individual's opinions regarding human rights;
  • Children attending church schools and children attending non-religious affiliated schools display no significant difference in their attitude toward freedom of religious clothing and symbols in school;
  • The impact of religious affiliation on an individual's human rights beliefs is a factor that does not act independently. Gender, cultural context, and personality also play a simultaneous role in affecting someone's human rights beliefs alongside their religious affiliation.

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Download the full list of publications from this project (including abstracts).

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